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The Sonos Connect:Amp has a built-in state-of-the-art digital (D-Class) amplifier to deliver great audio to any room.

It is also wireless capable, compact, convenient and works anywhere you’ve ever dreamed of having music — the bedroom, the bathroom or even the backyard. All you have to do is connect to your favourite music source and appropriate speakers and you’ve got a room filled with unlimited songs and stations.

Sonos Connect AMP

Superior sound with a powerful digital amplifier

The Connect:Amp’s state-of the-art digital amplifier delivers audiophile-quality sound to any room. The energy-efficient Class D amplifier provides 55W per channel of power with a THD+N <.02% for excellent audio quality playback — without hisses, crackles or hums. And because the amplifier is built in, you won’t need to connect to a stereo to play your music. Just plug it in, connect to speakers and enjoy.

Best-in-class wireless technology for multi-room music

The Connect:Amp brings great sounding music wirelessly to any room in your house, without a big wiring project. SonosNet 2.0, the latest wireless mesh network technology, provides double the wireless range for whole-house coverage, ensures synchronous music playback, and avoids sources of wireless interference. Which means the music gets to all the right rooms — near or far — at exactly the right time.

Instant access to endless music

Sonos liberates the music on your computer and the Internet so you can play it all, all over the house. Wherever there’s a Connect:Amp, you can listen to your personal library of music stored on your computer, plus thousands of free Internet radio stations. And Sonos works seamlessly with the most popular music services so you can stream millions of songs and stations from the Internet to the rooms of your choice. You can even connect the Connect:Amp to your favourite audio source such as an iPod or CD player and listen on all the ZonePlayers throughout your house.

Sonos Connect AMP

Simple setup and expansion

Setting up your Connect:Amp is incredibly easy. No technical or wiring expertise required. And no need to break through walls or re-wire your entire house. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a router to get started. One Sonos component in your system must be connected to the router and all the rest will work wirelessly. Add more Sonos components in more rooms without adding wires.

New features and music services with automatic updates

Unlike most other consumer electronic products, the Connect:Amp and the entire Sonos system keep getting better even after you buy it. With free automatic software updates you’ll always have the newest features and music services to enjoy. Just register your system and Sonos will automatically notify you when software updates are available. Simply press one button and your system updates itself.

Additional Information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 8.9 x 18.5 x 20.7 cm


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