SONOS SUB - Gloss Black

SONOS SUB – Gloss Black

Products List Summary:

Introducing the Sonos Sub; a worthy addition to any home theatre system setup whether small or large. The Sonos Sub is the perfect wireless solution to fill any room with natural, spine tingling deep sound and bass.

Product Specific Description:

If you love to sit back and enjoy the latest blockbuster movie or your favourite television program with family and friends, you can now add to that experience with the Sonos Sub. Most people will have you believe that a Sub is handy when watching an action movie or listening to bass heavy electronic movie. Truth is, the Sonos Sub doesn’t only deliver bass but also deep chords, enhanced mid-range audio as well as enhanced peaks and drops within frequency. This means you enjoy all of the detailed digital audio whether you are listening to music, watching a HD movie or even free to air television. Your guests will be impressed with the detail of sound produced by the Sonos Sub. Most of all, they won’t even notice it!

The engineering excellence in design and functionality is clearly evident with the Sonos Sub. At first glance, you will notice a clean and elegant yet modern design with its smooth dark tones and gloss black finish.

The wireless Sub means just that, no wires. The Sonos Sub fits in nicely with your home décor and can be hidden behind a couch (or even lying flat under the couch), under a table or anywhere you like. By placing the Sonos Sub out of sight, you create a great home theatre experience as the room is filled with deep, crisp layers of sound and bass with minimal vibration.

There is no need to program or configure your new Sonos Sub as everything is controlled from your central remote and the system adjusts audio settings automatically to create balanced sound which enhances your listening experience. The Sonos Sub features a user friendly one-button setup and seamlessly connects to other Sonos players and products.

You can lay the Sonos Sub horizontally flat or keep it vertically upright. The slim design also works well if you need to place the Sub in a tight area or within a cabinet.

SUB WORKS WITH all Sonos amplified components: CONNECT:AMP/ZP120/ZP100; PLAY:5/ZonePlayer S:5; PLAY:3; PLAYBAR. Does not work with the non-amplified Sonos CONNECT/ZP90/ZP80.

(Not compatible with ZP80/ZP90)

Warranty: 12 Months


  • Power Supply
    AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
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  • DIMENSIONS (H x D x W)
    15.8 x 6.2 x 15in. (402 x 158 x 380mm)
    36.3 lbs (16kgs)
    Premium Black Gloss
  • Package contents
    Sonos SUB, AC Power Cord, Warranty and Regulatory Booklet, and Quick-Start Guide.
    Stand upright or lay flat for flexible placement.
    Built-in rubber feet; optional felt feet included.